2021 Election 


The election of Officers and Directors will be held at the election meeting on August 21st, 2021 at 10 am at the CLIA Pavilion. Voting members who wish to vote absentee in all matters except the election of Officers and Directors may give a written proxy to another member permitting the other member to vote in his or her place relative to all business items which may arise at that meeting. 

Click on this link to access a blank proxy form for your use.  

Click on this link to access the 2021 Election Ballot.


Slate of Candidates

Officer Position                        Officers serve a one-year term

President                                             Evelyn Costello (running for re-election)

Vice President                                    Lynn LeCours (running for re-election)

Secretary                                             Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo (running for re-election)

Treasurer                                            Rick Ryan (running for re-election)


Director Positions                   There are five (5) candidates running for four (4) open, three-year term positions.                                 

                                                               Marie Dumas

                                                               Gene Henry (running for re-election)

                                                               Lynn Jackson      

                                                               Peggy Pahoulis (running for re-election)

                                                               Karen Ryan


A brief bio is included for each Officer and all Board Member candidates.

Additional members of the board who are not running for re-election include JoAnne Bonacker, Edward Costello, Mary Ferguson, Nancy Hieber, Tim Hopkins, Tom LeCours, Sheila Rappazzo and Lynn Wilbur.

Officer / Candidate Bios: 

Evelyn Costello - President

This past year as President has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who share a commitment to preserve the health of our beautiful lake. I love the fact that Cossayuna Lake has been home to generations of families. I will continue to work hard with our amazing board to keep our lake healthy, safe, welcoming and fun!

Lynn LeCours - Vice President

My husband Tom and I have been residents of Cossayuna Lake since 2016. I love the wonderful people on this lake and I am happy to volunteer my time to our community as Vice President and Social Chair. I am a local Real Estate Agent, and am very lucky to be able to work from home where my office window overlooks my dock! My spare time is spent advocating for animals, both wild and domestic, and animal rescue. 

Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo - Secretary

Cossayuna Lake found my husband and me, along with our three children (19-year-old daughter and 14-year-old boy/girl twins), about three years ago.  It was love at first sight.  I am a life-long Long Islander who has earned my BBA, MBA and post-graduate degrees.  I have been a business administrator for over 25 years and am delighted to have the opportunity to serve as a Board Member to give back to the lake we love!

Rick Ryan - Treasurer

Rick has been a lifelong seasonal resident and has a place in the Oaks. Rick and his wife Joan are planning on becoming fulltime in a few years. Rick retired from NYS working in the IT field for 37 years. He served on the board back in 1989 to 1993 as a director. He volunteered for three years working on the Saturday harvesting crew. He also produced the newsletter for several years.

Marie Dumas

When we found our lake house on Cossayuna Lake we immediately felt at home.   My roots are in upstate New York.  I grew up in a military family so no one place was "home".  However, my summers were filled with visits to my great-grandparents in Malone, NY, and my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins in Ballston Spa.   I love the rolling hills, farms, cows, and small towns of the north country.   

I hope to join the board of the CLIA to be part of preserving, or improving, our lake community and the activities that keep it so special.   I have ideas, but more importantly, I am a do-er.  I believe that as board members we should have short term and long-term goals in sight all the time.   I will roll up my sleeves and do what's necessary.   For example, I would like to play an active role in renovating the dock/beachfront area at the CLIA, a longer-term goal.   I am also open to a co-chair position on the social committee, a shorter-term goal.  My husband John is already playing an active part in our community by managing the website and putting together the newsletter.   

As a relative newcomer to the lake, I feel blessed to have found a home where John and I can start a tradition of hosting family, friends and possibly grandchildren for decades to come.

Gene Henry

During the course of serving on the Board for approximately 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of performing various duties and working on several committees. I am currently Chair of the Spillway committee and the organizer of our water chestnut removal efforts.  Rayna and I have been on the lake since 2008 and spent our teen years here as well – a long time indeed! I appreciate your continuing support of me as a Board member for the future.  Thank you.

Lynn Jackson

My grandparents and parents bought our camp on the lake in the 1950s before I was born.  I spent every summer here as a child never knowing I would someday be a forever grateful year-round resident.  My husband and I built our log home on the land that our camp once stood.  My dad, Frank Gifford, was the President of the CLIA for several years and I was his personal secretary.  My mother, brothers and sister-in-law were all instrumental in assisting others in our community with making the CLIA property a nice place to gather (hence the name Gifford Hall).  Five generations later, my grandchildren get to enjoy all the wonderful experiences lake life possesses thanks to my family and the on-going efforts of the CLIA.

I retired from Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in 2019 as a Senior Support Business Specialist specializing in Knowledge Management.  Prior to that I worked in Human Resources as a Staffing Professional as well as a Benefits Rep.  I was an Active Board Member of our Diversity and Inclusion Council, Secretary for our Military Veterans Organization, and Secretary for our Health and Wellness Team.  I am a trained facilitator, mentoring coach.  I believe my skill set would prove beneficial to our volunteer association.

Peggy Pahoulis

This summer is my eighth season here at the lake on the land that has been in my family for more than 100 years. Since retiring from my work where I concentrated on processes and solutions, I’ve looked for ways to give back; I’m dedicated to seeing our community and the lake flourish. To meet that goal, volunteering for the Board of Directors was a clear choice for me, and my most obvious accomplishment to date has been the birthing of the Member Contact Directory. It would give me great pleasure to continue to serve you all as Membership Chair for the next three years.

Karen Ryan

My husband John and I have owned a camp at the Lakeside Trailer Park for the past 19 years. We were part time on weekends until four summers ago when we retired. We now live on the lake in the summer and winter in Florida.

Before my retirement I worked for 10 years in the Dean’s Office as Administrator for First Year Students, Junior Advisor Programs, and the International Study Away Program. I began my Williams career in the President’s Office for 10 years as liaison to the Board of Trustees. My duties as liaison to the Board included organizing the quarterly Board of Trustees’ meetings and information binders as well as day-to-day President’s Office business.   My work in the Dean’s Office involved coordinating first year students’ arrival on campus, coordinating students’ choices and travel for various international programs abroad and working with the Deans advising students on a day-to-day basis.

Currently I handle all email communications for the residents in our community in Florida.  I am the Editor of the monthly newsletter which is in hardcopy as well as online and have created and oversee our community’s website and publish the Phone Directory annually. I began my volunteering in Florida with organizing monthly dances (I resigned from that position as it did not appeal to me). In the past, I volunteered on several youth sports programs’ boards when my kids were young, and I was one of the founders of a ten-year long fundraising ice fishing derby in memory of my friend’s son.

For the past few years, I have become more involved with events at CLIA. I hope I can put some of my experiences and organizational skills to good use on the CLIA Board.  Thank you.