Using our own harvester obtained with grants from NY State,  CLIA oversees an annual weed harvesting program. Working under contracts with the towns of Greenwich and Argyle, as well as for individual property owners, the harvesting program removes up to a million pounds of unwanted vegetation. CLIA members are eligible to participate in the program.


CLIA works closely with the NYSDEC to use permitted aquatic herbicides to control Eurasian watermilfoil and curly leaf pondweed in areas of the lake.  Early season treatments have demonstrated good results for the targeted plants.  CLIA members routinely monitor lake conditions and work with various NYS agencies to ensure a proactive approach to lake management. 


In addition to our annual Lake Management Plan, CLIA provides members with a variety of educational materials with regard to aquatic plant identification, nuisance wildlife and good practices for maintaining healthy watersheds.  In addition, the association regularly schedules speakers for the annual membership meeting to present on a variety of lake-related topics.


You can help improve the quality of lake life by removing invasive plant species such as water chestnut, creating or maintaining a runoff barrier on your property, or participating in WAVE (Water Assessment by Volunteer Evaluators) to monitor streams that feed the lake). As an added bonus, it's a way to meet and work with your neighbors!

Lake Management