About the CLIA

The Cossayuna Lake Improvement Association (CLIA) was formed in 1954 by a group of residents of the vicinity surrounding Cossayuna Lake. The first meeting was held on August 22nd of that year. Officers were elected, committees appointed, and various matters were discussed concerning the good and welfare of the community. Subsequently, a constitution and by-laws were adopted, and the Association was incorporated.

The main purpose of the early organization was to encourage social life among its members, promote social activities among the younger members of the community, and to promote the health and general welfare, improvement and advancement of the community. As the organization matured, the CLIA took a leading role in organizing sustained efforts to monitor and maintain the health of the lake. These efforts take the form of fundraising for annual invasive, non-native weed remediation as well as volunteer efforts to monitor water quality throughout the busy summer season.

Our Mission

  • To promote the advancement of the Cossayuna Lake Community within the confines defined by the Association By-Laws
  • To maintain and improve the waters of Cossayuna Lake
  • To provide education to the community related to lake ecology
  • To promote sports, social activities, and good fellowship among the members of the community 
  • To seek enforcement of laws which affect the lake and its watershed
  • To maintain a place to meet
  • To serve as a voice of the membership in matters under consideration by federal, state, and local governments which have a direct impact on the lake 

What We Do

The main purpose of the early organization was to encourage social life among its

  • Raise and lower the spillway to maintain a water level for weed control and to prevent winter erosion 
  • Monitor the water quality 
  • Apply for government grants when available to address lake concerns
  • Keep a watchful eye on the lake and its perimeter for any irregularities 
  • Provide a place for meetings and social activities 
  • Maintain the equipment and property needed to run the program and provide liability and equipment insurance 
  • Serve as a group voice in matters under consideration by federal, state and local governments which have a direct impact on the lake 
  • Inform our lake residents through periodic newsletters

Per our by-laws, membership in CLIA is open to folks who reside within  one mile from the road that encircles Cossayuna Lake.

CLIA membership includes fun social events, access to our pavilion and many lake improvement options.  CLIA contracts with licensed vendors that will help to improve water quality and recreational usage. We work with state and local experts to track water clarity, plant life, and provide detailed information on lake management efforts.  

The social season kicks off with a Ice Cream Social that is free to all and continues with dinner events, educational events and more.  Click here to see our event schedule!  

A modest investment in membership dues per year helps to maintain your property value and contributes to the overall well being of the community. 

CLIA receives Not-For-Profit Organization status

The CLIA received its tax-exempt status as a (501) (c)(3) organization from the IRS in August of 2008 and from NYS in September 2008.  Any donation made to the CLIA may be tax deductible.  A receipt for donations will be furnished for tax purposes upon request to the CLIA Treasurer.  All donations are greatly appreciated and enable the CLIA to continue its work in maintaining the waters of Cossayuna Lake for all to use.