Officers & Board

2022 – 2023 CLIA Officers (Officers serve 1-year terms)

President                 Lynn LeCours 518.253.9377

Vice President       Peggy Pahoulis 757.635.9891

 Secretary                Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo

 Treasurer                Rick Ryan

Board of Directors  (Directors serve 3-year terms)                           

JoAnne Bonacker 518.369.9889

Edward Costello 518.692.2039

Marie Dumas 212.920.5511

Gene Henry 518.744.4768

Tim Hopkins 518.466.8653

Lynn Jackson 518.878.9384

Tom LeCours 518.366.1151

Sheila Rappazzo 518.429.8312

Bob Reilly 631.897.4811

Karen Ryan 413.281.2772

Cheryl Stanford-Smith 518.692.2108

Lynn Wilbur

If you are able to donate time to a single social event, or would like to be more involved in the management of weeds and invasive species or wish to gain an overview on all things reviewed by the CLIA Board members, please reach out  and indicate your interest.  Go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line!  Many hands make light work!