Cossayuna Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Committee Descriptions and Assignments

(Updated November 11, 2021)

Standing Committees


Chair: Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo

Answer bylaw questions at any meeting. Recommend changes as needed. Maintain the official bylaws and provide copies as needed.


Chair: Rick Ryan

Review accounts yearly.  Provide a projected budget yearly. Provide a one-page financial summary for distribution in the newsletter for the election meeting.


Chair: Lynn Wilbur

Includes Harvesting, Herbicide, Spillway and Water Chestnut Removal Committees

Oversee development, implementation and review of the yearly Cossayuna Lake Management and Watershed Management Plan. Contract with the towns of Argyle and Greenwich.  Work to solicit funds from other county and state sources.  Identify and pursue grants when possible.


Chair: Joanne Bonacker

Solicit candidates for office by the General Membership meeting. Prepare the ballot and process absentee ballots.

Ad-Hoc Committees


Committee Chair: Evelyn Costello/Tim Hopkins

Maintain the harvester to ensure optimal use.  Solicit donations from individual property owners who wish to have their dock are harvested.  Ensure properties are properly numbered/identified.  Implement the harvesting program as outlined in the Lake Management Plan.  Oversee and maintain timesheets on harvester driver and truck driver.


Committee Chair: Sheila Rappazzo

Use data to determine herbicide needs. With Board approval, hire an aquatic applicator, and solicit donations to support the treatment plan. Ensure that the herbicide is applied according to the permit. Report results to the Board.


Committee Chair: Gene Henry

Monitor the dam as needed to maintain the water at the top of the six-inch board in the spillway that is the agreed upon lake level. Implement the Water Level Management Plan.


Committee Chair: Gene Henry

Coordinate water chestnut picking events.


Chair: Tom LeCours

Coordinate the maintenance of the building and grounds. Provide a list of projects for the truck driver. Recommend capital projects for improvement to the Board.


Includes newsletter development, advertising program, flyer creation, email blasts and website management

Chair: John Felicetti

Put together the newsletters and ensure that the newsletters are mailed according to the schedule approved by the Board.  Solicit advertisers and manage terms.  Create and distribute flyers as requested.  Update website as needed.


Chair: Lynn Clauer

Oversee bi-weekly data collection, processing and submission.


Chair: Nancy Hieber

Input data as needed. Update property records as needed. Retrieve data as requested. Maintain membership/harvesting/lake management information from applications. Provide Chairpersons with current listings in a timely manner. Prepare and provide mailing labels for all newsletter mailings.  Pick up mail from Post Office and distribute accordingly, deposit and record funds received, and mailing of newsletters.  Continue to send out e-mail blasts as needed.


Chair: Lynn Wilbur

Coordinate events and activities to provide education related to lake ecology and safety. Includes: Boaters Safety Course and other topics of interest. Write or acquire an educational article for each newsletter.


Chair: Ed Costello

Review policy.  Recommend policy modifications as needed.


Chair: Peg Pahoulis

Provide membership updates at each board meeting. Coordinate Neighborhood Leaders to disseminate and collect information and encourage membership.  Maintain/update information packets for new home or property buyers on the lake.  Provide an article for each newsletter.   Maintain directory of members. 


Chair: Tom LeCours

Select promotional merchandise. Oversee orders and delivery.


Chair: Mary Ferguson

Maintain 3 road signs around the lake for CLIA events and meetings.


Co-Chairs: Lynn LeCours, Peg Pahoulis, Karen Ryan

Plan and host social events (i.e. dances, trivia) as donation only events. Coordinate food truck usage. Coordinate building rental calendar. Provide info to social media point person to advertise events. Coordinate social events, some which serve as fundraisers, including the annual Ice cream social, chicken BBQ and raffle, kayak poker run, boat parade, etc. Lynn’s contact information: / 518.253.9377.