Herbicide Program

2022 Herbicide Treatment Update Sheila Rappazzo, Herbicide Chair

Herbicide treatment of the lake is Thursday May 26, starting at 9:00 AM.

Water Use Restrictions will be as follows:

*  Swimming/bathing                    24 hours after treatment

*   Fishing                                       no restriction

*   Animal/pet consumption        no restriction 

*  Use of the lake water for drinking, cooking, food preparation and other culinary uses will be restricted until laboratory analysis confirms concentrations below 50 parts per billion.  We will notify you when the restrictions are lifted.

*  Use of the lake water for irrigating is restricted for 21 days or until notification that concentrations are below 100 ppb.  

If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Rappazzo (call or text) at 518-429-8312 or sarappazzo@yahoo.com 

2021 Herbicide Treatment Update         Sheila Rappazzo, Herbicide Chair

The herbicide treatment of the Lake took place on Thursday May 20th. Weather conditions were good for the treatment.  The air boat, which has been used in prior years and is loud and very noticeable, was not used by Solitude to do the application this year.  The boat they used for the herbicide application for the Curlyleaf Pondweed was just a regular boat; it looked like a fishing boat, definitely not as noticeable as the air boat.   Aquathol is a liquid which they put into the water with a hose from the boat. 

We were planning to treat for both Curlyleaf Pondweed and Milfoil.  While the pre-treatment survey found very little milfoil in the areas identified in our application to DEC in the northern 2/3rds of the lake, there were areas identified in the south end of lake.  However, due to a number of missteps by Solitude the herbicide used for Milfoil was not available when treatment needed to be done for the Curlyleaf.  This is a significant concern for us, and we will be following up with Solitude.

Thanks to the donations of many we were able to proceed with the treatment, though at a scaled back level from what had been anticipated.  35 acres were treated. Keeping Milfoil and Curlyleaf Pondweed in check is a daunting task. Both are very resilient, aggressive, invasive weeds.  

Restrictions on the use of the water for potable purposes and irrigation were lifted in June after laboratory analysis.

If you have questions (including what kinds of weeds you have by your dock), please contact Sheila Rappazzo at sarappazzo@yahoo.com or 518-429-8312 (call or text).