Election Information

The election of Officers and Directors will be held at the election meeting on August 27th, 2022 at 10 am at the CLIA Pavilion. Voting members who wish to vote absentee in all matters except the election of Officers and Directors may give a written proxy to another member permitting the other member to vote in his or her place relative to all business items which may arise at that meeting. Click on this link to access a blank proxy form for your use.  

If you wish to vote absentee for the election of Officers and Directors, you must fill out a ballot and return it to the Secretary, Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo by midnight, August 26th.

To get an absentee ballot, click on this link to access the 2022 Election Ballot and print it.  Once you have completed your ballot, you can take a picture of it with your phone and email it to Anne at ammc2006@gmail.com, or text it to Anne at 516.315.3922. You can also request a ballot to be electronically or physically mailed to you, or picked up at a mutually convenient time and place from the Secretary.  If you require a ballot to be sent to you, please contact Anne at ammc2006@gmail.com or 516.315.3922.

Slate of Candidates

Officer Position              Officers serve a one-year term

President                          Lynn LeCours (running for re-election)

Vice President                Peggy Pahoulis (running for re-election)

Secretary                          Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo (running for re-election)

Treasurer                          Rick Ryan (running for re-election)

Director Positions 

There are four (4) candidates running for four (4) open, three-year term positions, one (1) candidate running to fill an open, two-year term position and one (1) candidate running to fill an open one-year term position.                                 

                                             Tim Hopkins (running for re-election)

                                               Tom LeCours (running for re-election)      

                                               Sheila Rappazzo (running for re-election)

                                               Anthony Calhoun (running for OPEN 3-year term position)

                                               Marie Dumas (running to fill Peggy Pahoulis’ 2-year term)

Bob Reilly (running to fill Mary Ferguson’s 1-year term)

A brief bio is included for each Officer and all Board Member candidates.

Additional members of the board whose terms have not expired include JoAnne Bonacker, Edward Costello, Mary Ferguson, Gene Henry, Lynn Jackson, Karen Ryan and Lynn Wilbur.

Officer / Candidate Bios: 

Lynn LeCours – President

As residents since 2016, my husband Tom and I feel very fortunate to call Cossayuna our home.  I’ve enjoyed volunteering my time over the past few years as director, social chair and Vice President. I look forward to serving as President alongside such a great team of volunteers and friends.  

Peggy Pahoulis – Vice President

It does not seem possible that it’s been almost 10 years since I was able to return to Cossayuna to realize my dream of living on the property that has been in my family for generations.   These are my roots and I’m passionate about our lake, our lake community, and the CLIA.  Serving the CLIA however I’m needed is what I enjoy doing.   It would be my honor to assist our President in the coming year.

Anne Marie Marrone Caliendo – Secretary

Cossayuna Lake found my husband and me, along with our three children (21-year-old daughter and 16-year-old boy/girl twins), in 2017.  It was love at first sight.  I am a life-long Long Islander who has earned my BBA, MBA and post-graduate degrees.  I have been a business administrator for over 25 years and am delighted to have the opportunity to continue to volunteer as a Board Member to give back to the lake we all love!

Rick Ryan – Treasurer

Rick has been a lifelong seasonal resident and has a place in the Oaks. Rick and his wife Joan are planning on becoming fulltime in a few years. Rick retired from NYS working in the IT field for 37 years. He served on the board back in 1989 to 1993 as a director. He volunteered for three years working on the Saturday harvesting crew. He also produced the newsletter for several years.

Anthony Calhoun – Director

My name is Anthony Calhoun. I recently relocated to the lake from Dutchess County seven years ago. I am no stranger to Cossayuna lake as I have been coming to visit for the past seventeen years with my wife who grew up here. Seven years ago, we inherited her childhood home of 40 years and moved here full time. In that time, we have had two children and made the lake our home. I enjoy life on the lake because it is very different than I grew up in the inner city. I look forward to all of the opportunities living here can offer my family and me. 

My current position as Bank Manager of TrustCo Bank in Greenwich has allowed me time to give back to my community and I look forward to helping out in any way possible. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my life experiences.  

Marie Dumas

I hope to join the board of the CLIA to be part of preserving, or improving, our lake community and the activities that keep it so special.   I will roll up my sleeves and do what’s necessary.    My husband John is already playing an active part in our community by managing the website and putting together the newsletter.   

As a relative newcomer to the lake, I feel blessed to have found a home where John and I can start a tradition of hosting family, friends and possibly grandchildren for decades to come.  When we found our lake house on Cossayuna Lake we immediately felt at home.

Tim Hopkins

My name is Tim Hopkins, my wife and I have lived on the lake since 1996.  Our first camp was in the Oaks and now we reside year-round on Hemlock Lane.

I am a self-employed contractor. I have a certificate in Environmental Conservation & Forestry with endorsements in first aid/CPR, land/forest management practices, tree identification, tree scaling(really), lumber grading, reforestation, soil conservation, stream bank repair and heavy equipment operation and safety. 

I have had the pleasure of serving on the board before, and in the past I have operated the harvester for over 3 years.  I would like to bring back to the CLIA Board my experience and education if elected.  Oh, and I can cook as well!

Tom LeCours

My name is Tom LeCours. I have lived on the lake for 6 years now. I love the lake and our neighbors! I would like to continue the hard work the members of CLIA have done over the past decades to make and keep Cossayuna Lake beautiful.

Sheila Rappazzo

Sheila and her husband Charlie have been on the Lake for 22 years; the first 5 in the Hemlocks, and the last 17 on East Lake Road. She loves being on the Lake, and loves having their children and grandchildren come and share the Lake with them. Sheila has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson. She is retired after working for 36 years for the New York State Public Service Commission, holding positions in engineering and management in the area of utility natural gas supply. Sheila’s interest in serving on the CLIA Board is in Lake Management. She has been on the Board for the past 9 years, where she has worked on the Lake Management Task Force, particularly as Chair for the herbicide program. Sheila has enjoyed spending time on tasks and issues to keep our lake healthy and beautiful.

Bob Reilly

I was born in 1942 on Long Island and lived most of my childhood and early adult life in Stony Brook. Graduated from New York State University with a degree in automotive technology. I worked for the Chevrolet division of General Motors for eight years, and owned and operated a restaurant in South Kortright, NY for three years. I moved back to Long Island in 1979 and worked at various new car and truck dealers in Westhampton, East Hampton and Southampton. I worked as a salesperson, sales manager and general manager, as well as service, parts and office manager. I Owned and operated my own Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge dealership in East Hampton in the early 90’s.

I was a widower for eleven years prior to my meeting my current wife, Kathleen Sullivan, who has lived in Connecticut for her entire life. Dated for four years before getting married in Maui in 2020. Our permanent home is in Coventry CT. We decided we wanted a summer house upstate NY on a lake, and after five months of searching found a home here on Cossayuna Lake. We purchased in September of last year and moved in officially May 1st.

I have five children and nine grandchildren. My hobbies are drag racing (1957-1962), watching NASCAR and football (pro and college) and crafts.

Kathy and I are looking forward to many fun and enjoyable summers here at Cossayuna Lake, and I am looking forward to helping the CLIA in any way that I can.